Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Visit to NB or the Plan B visit

I'm still sitting in New Brunswick, I should be at the airport but my flight got cancelled due to a winter/freezing rain storm. This visit was a typical maritime visit, festive, food, friends, family, fishing and freezing. Maybe not in that order but we did it all in 5 days. Here is the rough schedule.
Thursday: Get up early and fly to Moncton. That it inself takes most of the day. We drop by my friends place for the grand tour of his new house and a large glass of wine.
Friday: Took a drive to SHediac and me and Stacey take a nice walk on the beach. Its -20 with a windchill of -32. Then we head back home to have a supper with all the Bourque family.

Saturday: Still cold, we managed to convince my parents to go XC skiing in Kouchibouguac. Dan comes along for added entertainement. We stop by Bayou in Shediac for some Led Z'epelan and Fish and Chips.

Sunday: Stacey leaves Moncton and goes to Ottawa to visit Jesse. I go ice fishing with my dad in Bouctouche at my uncle ice fishing shack. We spear fished some smelts and caught 3 dozen fish in 1.5 hours. Not bad for a bunch of beginners. See pictures below for detailed fishing pictures. Mat goes for supper at his Bourgeois family and Stacey goes for Mexican with Jesse (foreshadowing...).


Plan A: Jesse and Stacey spend a day in Ottawa visiting museum and other cultural places. Mat goes to Shediac for a dinner with Grandparents and then goes to Fredericton to visit old friends.

Plan B: Stacey and Jesse encounter problems (i'll let stacey explain).
Snow storm starts dumping over 30cm of snow in Moncton and we can't even make it to the grandparents (less than 20km away). It takes us 1hr to travel from my sister's place to my parents place (usually less than 10min). Roads are bad, schools are closed, buses are pulled off the road, offices/mall are shut down. I spend the afternoon snowblowing the driveway. For supper, Smelts, deer and potatos, a true NB meal.


Plan A: Get to airport for 11hr30 AM flight, meet Stacey in Toronto and get on the same flight back to Calgary then pick up the car together and be home for supper.

Plan B: Mat's flight is cancelled. Luckily gets on a 5PM flight, get home at 10pm. At least we aren't missing the flames game (I hope).

Ice fishing montage:

Distance from Car to shack 50m.

The shack:

Patiently waiting. The snow is cleared on the south side of the shack, thus allowing the sun to illuminate the ice and provide a clear view of smelts swimming underneath.

Hope I don't have to finish this story with a plan C.
Nice to see the family and friends.
Mathieu and Stacey.

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