Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday wrap up and New Years Projects

Sugar high on the horizon

Some unwrapping of train set going on.

Kaleb constructing the West leg of the trains system

Guess who enjoys the trains..

Kaleb really enjoyed all the christmas cards, he would pull them down everyday and read them to us.

As most of you are aware, a cookie and a glass of milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf. Kaleb was quite excited at the prospect of Santa coming down the fireplace.

We spent Christmas day here and then left to visit Stacey's family at the lake for a few days. The long drive was a breeze this time, Kaleb is really an easy go lucky traveller now. There was barely any snow at the lake but we still spent a fair bit of time on the bike and the snow bike (GT snow racer). Kaleb was really excited to see a snowman ..

Kaleb is a non stop running commentary, he talks constantly, saying what he sees and recounting events that have happened.

More kick a$$ trains, this set from Staceys brother family.

Kaleb really took a shinning to all his cousins and auntie, as well as their dog.

We spent a wonderful holiday this year and we are now in full basement reno mode. Our contractor started framing the bathroom and hallway in the basement and the drywall should be up by mid next week.

Kaleb explaining to Mama how the bridge works. He's been helping me in the basement with some of the wiring, holding screwdrivers and handing me tools as I need them.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost Christmas

Kaleb is getting really excited for christmas. Yesterday he went to see Santa Claus and actually told him he wanted a train set. When Santa asked if he wanted a train track set to go with the train Kaleb said "Yahh!!". Kaleb carts around an old stuffed Santa that Stacey used to have as a kid and also ask for him by name when we tuck him in at night.

His vocabulary is just growing so quickly. Stacey heard him say a 5 word sentence yesterday. Something along the lines of "Put clean diaper Kaleb please". He has learned the magic word please and unfortunately he tosses it around for anything he knows he can't have like "Bo On The Go (TV show) please" or asking for desert during supper.

I put some pictures on the Picassa site and a movie on you tube. Its been a while I know but better late than never.

We hope you all have a good Christmas and happy new years. This time of year is really difficult to be so far from everybody but we are all thinking of you.
Bye for now

Monday, December 19, 2011

Two years old shananigans

The winter season is here and the family is making the best of it. We try to find ways to keep this little monkey busy, walking to Sobeys is almost a daily excursion. Kaleb is also in full play by play mode, he narrates everything that is going on. The language development is an amazing thing to see.

We hope everybody has a safe and fun holidays. Some pictures below of our adventures.

Bye for now.

Winter is here and activities are now as fun as ever. Shoveling has become a fun thing to do, hopefully it stays with him into his teen years.

What else should a toddler be dressed as for Halloween.

Papa, please step aside and get out of the way.

These two are usually up to no good.

Weekend in Banff, first time riding the bus, he loved it!!

We went toboganning for the first time this weekend, it took some convincing but in the end we must of went up and down that hill 15 times. The dog took a good bite out of the sled, she must think its a Frisbee.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still here

Just noticed that we haven't updated this in forever, well here goes. Kaleb turned 1, we moved to a house in the new year, Kaleb started walking in early 2011, Stacey is back at work 2 days a week. We are doing lots of work on our new house, finishing the garage, modifying the fence to put in our camper, looking at starting on the basement pretty soon. Going on a week long fishing trip with Stacey's dad and brother in the next little while, northern north Saskatchewan, should be fun. Stacey is back at school taking one course at a time. Kaleb hates hair cuts and he is chatting us up with giberish but its slowly coming together as coherent words. Ball, car, boat, Sky, up, down, all done, cat, boy, girl, I could go on.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. GO Canucks!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

...and then he let go of the wall and took his first steps

Well Kaleb took his first steps yesterday at exactly 51 weeks old. We both saw it and our jaws must of been on the floor, we were simply amazed. It is such an wonderful thing to see this little guy walk. I mean 51 weeks ago he was so helpless and couldn't even hold his own head and now he has the balance, coordination and most importantly the confidence to walk on his own.

He is still very unsteady standing without holding on to anything so we don't see him really starting to walk for a little while yet. However he has made huge leaps in the last 3 weeks that maybe he will surprise us again.

Today was a fun day, me and Kaleb went swimming in the morning and tobogganing in the afternoon, we went down the bunny hill on a crazy carpet and he seemed indifferent.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kaleb is cruising and more!

Lots has happened so fast here. Starting on November 1st when we first saw the house where we are moving in the new year, then Kaleb went from crawling to sitting and only a few short days later he started pulling up on furniture to stand. Now 3 weeks later, he can crawl then entire flight of stairs and he cruises from couch to end table to desk quite confidently. Here is a video of his contagious laughter HERE and a video of him tackling the stairs HERE. We are also getting close to his birthday which is a huge milestone in all our lives, stay tuned for the year one video. A plus tard!

Mathieu, Stacey and Kaleb.