Monday, January 21, 2008

Ice Review

In early 2008, we went to the Alpine Club annual Ice Review weekend. Basically very similar to the rock review (See but you guessed it, Ice climbing. On Saturday we took a walk and did a very fun climb called "This House Of Skye". Probably done it five times but still a pleasant day. It was Nick's second or first time out ever so we lent him a helping hand and showed him the ropes. We got slowed down by a party of 4 people but they kindly let us pass them and we zipped up the rest of the climb.

Typical pitches on THOS

More typical short pitches.

And more short pitches.

Mathieu getting tired of all that climbing.

On day 2 we lazily woke up after a night of chile, beer, bonfire and general mischief. We set our sights for a climb with a short approach. We settled for Wicked Wanda which is way too hard for us but the bottom would offer a nice afternoon of climbing.

Approaching our climb, Wicked Wanda

Stacey enjoying a warm day in Big Blue. Interesting fact #4322: Big Blue creates its own micro climate where its always warm and balmy despite the cold.

Shannon cleaning Mat's mess of Ice screws.

Again Good times had by all,

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