Monday, January 21, 2008

Jasper New Years

Skiing Near Athabasca Falls

Self Portrait at Athabasca Falls

Exploring the bottom of Maligne Canyon

Going back down the Canyon after encountering some scary open pools of water.

Maligne Canyon is a spectacular place in winter.

Yeah!! Ice climbing. Amazing fact #4321 Mathieu likes to Ice climb.

So for New Years we decided to spend a few days in Jasper, we haven't been there in winter so we figured we could find fun stuff to do. I guess we were right cause we had non stop fun. We drove down on Saturday and stopped by Tangle Falls which is an ice climb that is literally 5 steps from the parking lot. We met a nice dog there. Then we went up to Jasper and checking in our hotel room where we sneaked in a third guest, George Foreman. We cooked 2 nice suppers on George. The following day we went cross country skiing at Athabasca falls which was fun despite the 2 km of walking due to insufficient snow. The day after that we went to explore the small and narrow Maligne Canyon and spent the afternoon climbing . We had dinner reservcation for the 31st and had a wonderfull meal as we watched people put on a firework display on the top of Signal Mtn. On the last day Mat did some reminising of days gone by when we X-country skied in the Whistler campground, he found his old home where he had spent a few weeks back in the summer of '97 living in a van down by the river.

Good times

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