Sunday, June 17, 2007

ACC rock review

Last weekend we went to the Alpine Club of Canada Rock Review. Its basically just a social gathering of club members where we camp out in the Ghost and go climbing. We drove up on Friday night and were welcomed by 2 fellow members
[Us still sitting in truck] - Are the bugs bad?
[Them swinging their arms wildly in the arm]- They are awful don't even think of getting out of your truck without long sleave shirts, pants and a good shower of DEET.
So we set up our tent in a cloud of musquito.
The next day we headed up to STD wall. This climbing wall across the North Ghost River (The photos are in the post from June7).

This river crossing is at the center of an access issues for climbers at the moment. The government of Alberta has found a few bull trouts (a non native fish species) in the river and has basically banned any mothorizied vehicle crossing. I could talk about this for a while so lets just say we parked the truck and crossed the cold raging river by foot. We climbed a few routes and hung out with friends we haven't seen in a while. We forgot our rope in the truck and had to borrow a friends (See "Short Roping Technique" discussion below).
That evening we had a huge feast of burgers and veggies. A few kegs where also on hand to quench our thirst. Prizes where donated to the club and a draw was made to hand out every thing from ice screws, back packs and clothes. Me and Stacey cleaned up the place and made out with a new belay device, locking beaner and the grand prize a patagonia down vest.
The next day we went hiking up Black Rock mountain which is a nice hike to an old fire look out. (Summit in the background of the photo below). We hanged around the summit for 1/2 hour and then made a quick run for the trees since a thunderstorm was brewing overhead. We made it to the trees just in time and had a nice walk in the rain.

Overall a great weekend, with great people and the ghost held all sorts of surprises for us.

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