Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost Christmas

Kaleb is getting really excited for christmas. Yesterday he went to see Santa Claus and actually told him he wanted a train set. When Santa asked if he wanted a train track set to go with the train Kaleb said "Yahh!!". Kaleb carts around an old stuffed Santa that Stacey used to have as a kid and also ask for him by name when we tuck him in at night.

His vocabulary is just growing so quickly. Stacey heard him say a 5 word sentence yesterday. Something along the lines of "Put clean diaper Kaleb please". He has learned the magic word please and unfortunately he tosses it around for anything he knows he can't have like "Bo On The Go (TV show) please" or asking for desert during supper.

I put some pictures on the Picassa site and a movie on you tube. Its been a while I know but better late than never.

We hope you all have a good Christmas and happy new years. This time of year is really difficult to be so far from everybody but we are all thinking of you.
Bye for now

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