Monday, December 19, 2011

Two years old shananigans

The winter season is here and the family is making the best of it. We try to find ways to keep this little monkey busy, walking to Sobeys is almost a daily excursion. Kaleb is also in full play by play mode, he narrates everything that is going on. The language development is an amazing thing to see.

We hope everybody has a safe and fun holidays. Some pictures below of our adventures.

Bye for now.

Winter is here and activities are now as fun as ever. Shoveling has become a fun thing to do, hopefully it stays with him into his teen years.

What else should a toddler be dressed as for Halloween.

Papa, please step aside and get out of the way.

These two are usually up to no good.

Weekend in Banff, first time riding the bus, he loved it!!

We went toboganning for the first time this weekend, it took some convincing but in the end we must of went up and down that hill 15 times. The dog took a good bite out of the sled, she must think its a Frisbee.

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Nat said...

Yay, pictures!!!! Can't wait to see this little monkey again!