Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday wrap up and New Years Projects

Sugar high on the horizon

Some unwrapping of train set going on.

Kaleb constructing the West leg of the trains system

Guess who enjoys the trains..

Kaleb really enjoyed all the christmas cards, he would pull them down everyday and read them to us.

As most of you are aware, a cookie and a glass of milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf. Kaleb was quite excited at the prospect of Santa coming down the fireplace.

We spent Christmas day here and then left to visit Stacey's family at the lake for a few days. The long drive was a breeze this time, Kaleb is really an easy go lucky traveller now. There was barely any snow at the lake but we still spent a fair bit of time on the bike and the snow bike (GT snow racer). Kaleb was really excited to see a snowman ..

Kaleb is a non stop running commentary, he talks constantly, saying what he sees and recounting events that have happened.

More kick a$$ trains, this set from Staceys brother family.

Kaleb really took a shinning to all his cousins and auntie, as well as their dog.

We spent a wonderful holiday this year and we are now in full basement reno mode. Our contractor started framing the bathroom and hallway in the basement and the drywall should be up by mid next week.

Kaleb explaining to Mama how the bridge works. He's been helping me in the basement with some of the wiring, holding screwdrivers and handing me tools as I need them.

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