Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Viva la Long Weekend

We have been busy with various wedding preparations. Last weekend we made it up to NumTiJah Lodge and finalized all the preparations. Our friend Christian and Justyna both came with us and helped us scope out some wedding photo spots. Sky and Jack also were part of the group and we all went for a hike to Helen Lake on saturday. A very nice hike to an alpine meadow, highly recommended and close to the lodge. I dipped my fly in the lake but with no luck. Jack had a staredown contest with a hoary marmot, the marmot won.

Another wedding preparation is the honeymoon. I have been busy with sailing courses so that we can charter our own boat out of Nanaimo. I completed a Basic Cruising course and challenged the coastal navigation exam and passed with flying colours. I have also been busy training my crew. We went to Glenmore reservoir on Canada day and rented a small dinghy, Stacey had a good time, despite the rumble of thunder in the distance. We stayed close to shore.

Stacey went home to Saskatoon for the graduation ceremony of both her nieces Ivy and Anna. She spent a few days a the cabin and enjoyed her mom's garden.

That's it for now, check out some pictures at

And happy Canada day!!!
Mathieu and Stacey

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