Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mathieu's wild bachelor party

Well the wedding is a week from now and I decided to get a few of my friends and celebrate my upcoming wedding in my style. Myself, Dan (my best man), Jeremy, Ken, Dave and Christian hauled ourselves up to the Neil Colgan hut for a night. The Neil Colgan hut is a mountain hut that is maintained by the Alpine club of Canada and people can sleep there and climb the surrounding mountains and return to the cozy hut. This particular hut is actually the highest permanent habitable structure in Canada and sits high above Morraine Lake (the lake on the back of the old 20$ bills) in Banff National Park. In our case we just got up to the hut, ate our faces off, drank a bottle of fine scotch that Ken hauled up, drank 15 cups of coffee the next morning and made our way back down for a nice cool dip in Morraine lake. A nice weekend in the mountains with my good friends, my kind of party. Photos

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