Friday, June 8, 2007

Short roping techniques

Mathieu - Hey can I borrow your Rope?
Ken - Sure, go right ahead but its not a 60m
Mathieu - What did he say?

.......... a few minutes later

Mathieu - Errr Brian, this isn't the 5.9
Brian - Oh it will be alright
Mathieu - Hmmmm.
Brian - it looks fine I think the anchor is just over that lip
Mathieu - OK then,
Brian - Excellent, your lead..
Mathieu - ......

......... 4 bolts later

Brian - I've found the topo
Mathieu - Just keep belaying, k, and don't tell me how hard/easy it is.
Brian - (Starts whistling)


....... 12 bolts later at the lip

Mathieu - (muttering to himself) shisty I'm out of draw. BRIAN, I've got one bolt left and the anchor is another 5 metre.

Brian - wow that's a long route

Mathieu - secure!! (build anchor) READY TO LOWER, Errr Brian can you tie in...

Brian - sure, you don't think you'll make it down??

Mathieu - We'll see

....... 3 bolts to the ground (10 m off the ground)

Brian - Well I guess this is it. How are you getting down?

Mathieu - Just start climbing and i'll 'assist' you.

Brian - Yes but I need to clean and rappel, I'll never have enough rope,

Mathieu - your turn to clean.

[We all made it back to camp that night, The End]

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Stef said...

50 m rope, always a recipe for trouble...