Thursday, April 26, 2007

What the heck is a shoulder season anyway?

Much debate ensues this time of year in this wonderful part of the world that we call home. Is it really shoulder season, and does that term even exist? Stacey, after having lived in Calgary for a few years, started hearing all these spring and fall rumblings about this magical term. Basically, it's when us mountain-folk are grounded into city lifestyle, waiting either for the ice to freeze (fall), or the rock to dry out (spring) so we can go CLIMBING! Among these folk will spring the odd foul-mood, resulting in too much visiting or house-related chores. Then, there are the eternal optimists... enter Mathieu. "Who cares if it is zero degrees, lets go rock climbing" they enthusiastically cheer. While us shoulder-season believers don our "painting clothes"and head down to the bowels of our basements to get lost in home improvements.

Who is right? Who knows? I for one am patiently waiting for those damed crocuses I planted last fall to poke their lovely little heads out of the clay soil in my front yard before I can without a doubt proclaim... it's summer! Better get out there, cause in this part of the world summer lasts only 2 months! Hope you are all are enjoying spring, be it shoulder season or not. Cause it's the best time of the year!!!!

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