Monday, April 30, 2007

Rant... Bad customer service

I'm going to rant for a bit so don't mind me.

So Stacey is shopping for a bike. We have gone to three different stores and the service we received was directly proportional to the size of the store. The problem is that this city is so big that business that have a strong namebrand do very very well, well the problem with the big stores is a) they frankly don't care if you go somewhere else cause they still are going to sell 20 bikes that day and b) they really don't have a choice of staff. The first place we went was a small shop that is doing business but isn't one of the bigger stores in town. We walk in and the people go head over heals to give us a hand. Stacey hasn't bought a bike in a few years and she is a shopper so she asks questions and he does his best. As Stacey took a bike for a ride, I start looking around the store and right away another sales person casually walks by and asks if I have questions. Next stop a bit bigger store, we find the bikes and someone helps us within 2 minutes, again helpful and so on.

Today however we stopped at what I will now refer to the evil empire of bike stores, Bow Cycle. I think the store is just too big and busy. Stacey went snooping around after work. The staff there was incompetent, arrogant and just plain not helpful. For example, she asks about the shocks, and gets 3 answers. SHe asks if they can swap the seat so that she can test ride a bike as she would buy it, they say "no we don't do that". SHe ask them to hold a bike and that she would be back in 15 minutes. Anyways you get the point. over

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Stef said...

You guys must be way too busy climbing for to put up new posts? Let's hear about the epics, hard sends, rad boulders, righteous top-ropes etc...