Saturday, November 27, 2010

...and then he let go of the wall and took his first steps

Well Kaleb took his first steps yesterday at exactly 51 weeks old. We both saw it and our jaws must of been on the floor, we were simply amazed. It is such an wonderful thing to see this little guy walk. I mean 51 weeks ago he was so helpless and couldn't even hold his own head and now he has the balance, coordination and most importantly the confidence to walk on his own.

He is still very unsteady standing without holding on to anything so we don't see him really starting to walk for a little while yet. However he has made huge leaps in the last 3 weeks that maybe he will surprise us again.

Today was a fun day, me and Kaleb went swimming in the morning and tobogganing in the afternoon, we went down the bunny hill on a crazy carpet and he seemed indifferent.

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