Sunday, September 26, 2010

Open and Close

A little update on things around here. Stacey has started school a couple weeks ago. She is working on her masters of nursing on a part time basis, taking one course per semester. This time around its philosophy. Being her layman proof reader let me tell you that I don't understand one bit of what they are talking about. She is catching on and spending lots of her spare time (what little she has) on reading and writing papers/workbook.

Sky is doing great, she came back to us a few weeks ago after having her litter of 7 puppies over the summer. She is slowly regaining back her bad habits but she does provide hours of entertainment to Kaleb. She can't really nap all day like she used too, she has to keep one eye open and move from one end of the room to the next depending on the little guys interest level.

Kaleb of course is doing great, he is scooting around and just wants to chew on different things, mostly the dogs stuff. He has one tooth (top left) with a second (top right) coming out any day now. He is so drooly, he leaves a trail of slime all around the house. Sort of like a quick snail. We started giving him an evening snack just before bed and we were astonished by how much he ate. This has led us to increase his 'sleeping thrue the night" statistics. He went from about 2 nights a week to 3 nights a week so far. We all went to a 1st year birthday party for one of Kaleb's pre birth friends (we met at a birthing class) on Friday and its just amazing how a year has gone by. Kaleb laughs a lot, people just love to hear his laugh, its contagious. Last night we all went for a bike ride around the neighborhood, it was his first time in the chariot being pulled by a bike, he like it, he just watched the world zip by.

As for me, its sort of work work. I get out biking a couple times a week and Kaleb keeps me smilling. Me and Kaleb take swimming once a week, that's fun. Oh and we are currently looking at moving to a house.
As mentioned last week, he loves to open and close doors. Check out our new MOVIE to see what I mean.

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