Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life of babies - The magical number 6.

We went to our weekly doctors appointment on Friday (his 6th week birthday) and we had the usual questions regarding food, crying and gas. All books and classes point to a simple fact, babies change drastically at the 6th week of life. We read about this and yet we had a hard time believing that the crying would stop and be replaced with laughter.

A week went by and we were downtown at the weekly doctors visit and as we were leaving Stacey made a bold suggestion. `Lets go for Vietnamese food`. I was shocked she even suggested this. I mean Kaleb usually starts fussing every 10 minutes and it takes a good 20 minutes of bouncing and rocking to sooth him. We`ll lets give it a try. We drove 2 blocks and found our favorite noodle house Pho Kim. We went in, left our jackets on (we might have to leave in a hurry we thought) and ordered. We asked the waiter if we could have Take out dishes at the ready in case we had to leave. We ate, he quietly watched us and then to our amazement he stayed quiet throughout the whole meal. Stacey paid, I packed him up and we left. As we drove away, we high fived each other and couldn`t believe we pulled it of. Life has taken a turn for the best. Some photos from this past week HERE.
Here is the proof we went out.

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