Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby's getting close to his big entrance (or exit!)!

Mat and I spent the afternoon at Babies R Us yesterday, what a zoo! Anyway we started up a baby registry there. We have quite a few things already, and were thinking that if people are wondering 'what do they need' then this list may help. The nice thing is that there are stores all over Canada and on line. We just don't want people spending their hard earned $$ on things we already have... and we do have a couple of things that we think would make life with a newborn a bit smoother.

Stacey is waiting patiently, Mathieu is being a true saint to put up with her in these final days... The baby is apparently in good position to make his entrance into the world, and has dropped into the pelvis. He moves around like a WWF superstar, Stacey feels like he is rearranging her internal organs hourly.
We started up a 'due date pool', please email us if you'd like to place your bets! The winner (s) and baby will split the proceeds, with the baby's portion going into an RESP account.
Wish us luck and we'll let you all know when he makes his grand entrance into this world.
Stacey and Mathieu

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