Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tracking class

Winter is now done so we decided to give tracking class a go once more. We started doing tracking with Sky last fall and had been to a few group session. Now for those who don't know, tracking is done by giving your dog a smell from an article of clothing from a 'victim'. The 'victim' goes off and hides in the woods and stays put. Now the dog is told to 'search' and then you simply follow your dog to the 'victim'. Easier said than done but we haven't been to class since last October and Sky is a little out of practice.

Tracking class today was in the Canmore dog park. There was quite a large group so Franz (the instructor) decided to do a group search which involved 3 victims each spread out along a single track. Sky was definatly the slowest to get to the first victim but once she found the first person, something seemed to click and she started really picking up the pace and eventually found all 3. I was pretty impressed. After the class was done, we practice with having Stacey as a 'victim'. Talk about a difference, Sky was running full speed to find Stacey and would actually follow Stacey's track in her exact foot steps. See our May album for photos of tracking class.

We spent the rest of the day around Canmore and went shopping for a wedding ring for Mathieu at Rudi Peet Goldsmith. Rudi came recommended by friends of ours and he does amazing work. He does really unique jewelery and he really took the time to find out exactly what we wanted and even did a wax mold of Mathieu's ring and it looks awesome. Can't wait to see it in the flesh.


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