Sunday, September 14, 2008



Click below and you'll go to our photo album, we just uploaded a few pictures.

A big batch is from Montana where we went during the Labor Day weekend. We spent all our time in Glacier National Park where Sky flew under the park warden RADaR and made some cladestine hikes in the backcountry with us. I did lots of fly fishing in various alpine lakes and tried my luck on the Middle Flathead River. Caught two cutthroat trouts and we enjoyed a nice fry fest that night.

The weekend before that, Stacey went up to Bourgeau Lake with Shannon.

And just this weekend, Stacey participated in an interpretive hike with a Naturalist. They hiked up to the Ray Glacier and observed plants and other edible shrubery, I guess i'll be trying out the mountain thistle pie tomorrow night for supper, mmmmm!!.

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Anonymous said...

utthroats caught on the fly, thats a prize many fly fisherman dream of. Growing up on the West Coast Cuts were the stuff of legend and elusive to all but a select few fly fishermen. Congrats.

PS- I found your blog while looking for ACC Ice Review. Go figure.

Dave J (Beautiful Century)