Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cross Canada trip 2008 - Part 1 - Calgary to PEI

Last week we got back home after spending 6 weeks and 12338km travelling in our new camper. Along the way we visited many places, saw lots of friends and spent time with family. Sky met more people than us, no matter where we went people would just be smilling at the sight of her, people in Quebec city kept approaching Stacey and commenting about Sky, only problem is that Stacey doesn't speak french but she could get the point they were trying to put across. One thing that irked me was how people talk to your dog and fail to make any effort in having a conversation with the person a the end of the leash. Many times I would have a stranger say more words to the dog than to me.

The trip covered: Saskatchewan > Manitoba > Ontario > Quebec > New Brunswick > PEI > Nova Scotia > New Brunswick > Maine > New Hampshire > Vermont > New York State > Ontario > Michigan > Wisconsin > Minnissota > North Dakota > Montana > Alberta > Saskatchewan > Alberta.

The trip started in Calgary on May 2ND, we first visited Stacey's family in Saskatoon. The last preparations where made with the help from her dad John who is a veteran RV/traveller. A few days later we took off and visited Stacey's cousins in Manitoba, first at the Rehaluk's farm in Ethelbert where Sky got to run with the farm dogs and get into all sorts of mischief. The next day we continued on to Winnipeg where we visited Stacey's grandmother (Baba) and her cousins, aunt and uncle, the Seminiuk's.

Now we must extol the electrical prowess of Mark Seminiuk, Stacey's cousin, who helped us determine that our camper issue was due to a lazy wiring from the camper dealer. He then installed direct feed from the truck battery to the camper battery which allowed us to keep our fridge running while we were driving. The initial wiring only allowed us to run the fridge for about 1 hour and then that would kill the camper battery. Thanks Mark, thanks for keeping my beer cold and Stacey's ice cube solid.

We stopped for a quick lunch a Baba Karalash's place then made our way to Ontario. Once in Ontario we followed the Trans-Canada and had 6 nights of lake front property in various provincial parks; Rushing River in Kenora, Sleeping Giant in Thunder Bay, Lake Superior Provincial park (X2) and Kiosk campground in Algonquin (X2). We made a quick stop in the nations capital then on to Quebec where we stopped for Poutines and cheese. We visited Mathieu's cousin in Montreal, Renee and her husband Justin, Sky made one more friend here, Sammy who though her that barking is a great way to spend time. After a quick visit of Montreal we made our way to Quebec City where Sky spent the day touring the historical sites.

After La Belle Province we snuck a day of climbing in Mathieu's old stomping ground Welsford (NB)then made our way to Moncton to visit Mathieu's family and friends. We took Sky for her first taste of the ocean. After this trip we can confidently say that Sky is a water loving dog. We first saw her go for a full lift swim (all four legs paddling) in Parlee Beach.

After the visit to Mathieu's family we continued on to PEI and visited 4 beach in one day. PEI is so small that we had our morning coffee at one beach, then went for a morning walk on the great dunes, trucked to Cavendish for lunch, then mosey on down to Singing sand (squeaking sand would best describe it) beach on the East side of the island for an afternoon swim. That day we also stopped for fresh seafood and had some amazing scallops in an empty campground overlooking the Gulf of StLawrence. This was May 22ND and we had reached our furthest Eastern point. Actually Sky went a bit further east than us, she decided to chase a seagull for a good 1/2 mile down the beach. Fun was had by all. Lets just say that she didn't spend much time off leash on the second half of the trip.

All systems Go!! Leaving from Calgary.

Stacey's cousin Arlene at their awesome farm in Manitoba

Fun on the farm

Sky running with the tough crowd at the farm

Baba Karalash in WInnepeg

Seminiuk clan at Mark and Bonnie's in Winnipeg

Mark working his magic on Sky

Ontario, who would of thought its such a nice province.

Campsite at Rushing River, ON

Sky testing the water.

A day of rest and Laundry at Lake Superior Prov Park, ON

Sky in her workout outfit. The handles on the back comes in handy.

400 +year old pictographs on the edge of Lake superior, ON

That's right, Karalash Road, somewhere in Ontario (north of Sault St Marie)

Sky enjoying good eats in the Cramper (read: she eats, we sit and wait)

Sky in her favorite activities, eating and sleeping

She also likes posing and chasing waves.

Lots of lake front campgroud = lots of beautiful sunsets.

Paddling in Algonquin, ON. NO we didn't tip!


French Frog (no jokes allowed), QU

Justin, Sammy, Renee and Jacob (Arrived a month after we left) at their place in Montreal

Sky and Sammy

Quebec City

Old Quebec City

Sky pooped after crusing the streets of QC.

A day in Welsford, NB (notice the sturdy bridge in the back)

Sky in Parlee beach, NB. She swan across this small channel a few times to show us that she can.

Bourque family at Mathieu's parents place in Moncton, NB

On the PEI bridge

On the great dunes in Cavendish Beach, PEI

Fact: Dragging a stick across the sand keeps dogs entertained for hours

Fresh PEI Scallops

The water at the top of the photo is the ocean

A better look at our campsite.

Get your rest cause we are only half way.


Ape said...

Hey guys, sounds like an awesome trip! I love your is very both are too, of course!

Anonymous said...

Sky is a beauiful dog, you are very lucky to have been on such a trip!

Just curious, is Sky a Toller? :D