Sunday, March 30, 2008

Montana - Big Sky Country

Easter Weekend, we made our way down to Montana to pick up a truck camper that we purchased for our upcoming summer trip. The dealer was in Missoula Montana which is on the West side of the Continental Divide about 8 hours from home. We packed up on Friday Morning, tossed the dog in the back seat and packed a few items for the drive to Missoula. One uneventfully border crossing, a few sketchy Montana towns and a snow squall where all encountered on our way to Missoula.

Who's watching the road?

Mat, trying to control a drippy squirmy dog!

Sky travelled exceptionnally well and slept most of the way.

Big SKY country.

We hiked up a hill overlooking the city of Missoula, Montana. The hill is commonly used to launch paragliders and handgliders. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice, outdoorsy, dog-friendly, and friendly the people and place was!

This is Blossom's B&B in Missoula. It is a house built in the early 1900's, that burnt in 1990. The owners rebuilt the place to it's original plans, using photos and a historical refinisher. We really enjoyed our time here. And they allow dogs, too!

This is the fancy (not!) car that the RV place lent us for the day while out camper was being installed in Missoula. The good part was that we went to REI, Bath and Body Works (good for us), and a doggy store and the dog park (good for Sky). The weather was fantastic and the grass was turning green and the crocuses were starting to bloom!

Ta-Dah!!! The new camper, on the new Tundra. It's a pop-up camper, where the top raises about 2 feet with a hand crank. It's quite fancy inside, with hot water heater, outdoor shower, stove, furnace, fridge. Quite a nice change from the wet, frosty tent that has been our home for many years. We spent our first night in it on the way home from Missoula at a KOA.

Sky enjoying the big backseat of the new truck. What a spoiled dog!

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking truck and camper, very sweet. And of course you guys aren't bad looking either!