Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mat and Stacey's BC Trip Aug 2007

2 glorious weeks off! First we headed to Rogers Pass area in BC, and did some hiking in windy wet weather. This area is famous for glaciers, high snowfall, and giant cedars. THe reason behind the glaciers, high snowfall and giant cedars is apparent in this photo, it rains a LOT!

Squirrels hard at work preparing for winter at Rogers Pass.

Mat and I enjoying another 'one-pot' supper at a cooking shelter on top of Mt Revelstoke in Revelstoke National Park (we got to drive up to this one). Mat was very proud of his new and very expensive dromedary bag!

Finally some warm sun and swimming in Vernon. Stopped at Ellison Park for a bit of climbing and lots of swimming. We spent a good hour lounging on the blue inner tube that you see in the middle of the picture, the owners where gone for a ride so we decided to take over the ship.

After our stop in the Okanagan we make it to Powell River where Ray takes us on a triatlon of sorts, swimming, sailing, and outrigger canoeing, all in one fantastic day. In this picture, Ray is steering (seat 6), I'm on seat four and Stacey is in seat three.

After Powell River we press on to Zeballos where we start our 6 day sea kayak trip. This sea star bed was where we started our journey.

On the second day, we had some rain and we went for a paddle in the Nuchatlitz reef where we spotted a raft of sea otters. Sea otters are the curious little dogs of the ocean. Apparently they can spend their whole lives in the ocean. Another interesting fact is that the Vancouver Island population was at one time wiped out and these little fellas here are transplants from Alaska.

Our kayak trip was organized thru the U of C and we had a group of 12 people including 2 guides, Chad and Jenn. This is our camp 1 beach, at Rosa Point.

Eventually we moved camp to Benson Point on Nootka Island. We spent 2 nights there and the second day we went for a day paddle to explore some river outlets. We took turns riding the waterfall current.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Lime-o-nator or as we called it the Sub-Lime. Packing and moving camp was Matt's organizational nightmare come true.

Dawn enjoying our third and last camp was on Garden Point.

Enjoying stories with Bob and a nice fire on our last night.

This is our kayaking group with our guides Jen and Chad

After getting off the water, we started back towards Calgary. Melanie and Rick kindly shared their cottage on Okanagan Lake, Ellison park is actually straight across the lake. Full circle i tell you.

The obligatory parting shot. This sunset was from Benson Point on Day 4 of our Kayak trip.

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