Monday, March 5, 2007

Our home

We have been learning how to do rennovations and improvements with the help of Stacey's parents. In December we spent a few days tiling the kitchen backsplash with slate, and building a roof in the basement to complete the finishing work!

This is where we live in Calgary, Alberta. We live in a townhouse in the northwest part of the city, which is a western suburb of our big sprawling city. The great thing is that Mat gets a nice bikeride to work everyday and we have no traffic lights to get out the mountains!


ClimbingAcadian said...


Anonymous said...

salsa dancing eh?

Jamie Simpson will be so pleased to have a new partner. He and Jon Corey were dancing it up at our Christmas party a year ago, but Jon didn't have much for rhythm. I'm thinking you have more.

I wish you could convince Fred to salsa. Sigh.

ClimbingAcadian said...

Salsa is harder than it looks! We started off with the Meringe (sp?) last week and both have bruised toes to show for it. The best part is that it's fun!

kadira said...

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